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Reinvent Yourself

As a Professional Animal Advocate Volunteer

Become an animal advocate volunteer today. Learn how to develop a resume and e-portfolio that is career marketing bona fide. All in all, volunteering boosts attractive resumes and job opportunities.

What is an E-Portfolio?

To begin with, an e-portfolio proves your skill-set via Internet. In fact, an e-portfolio can be viewed immediately online by prospective hiring managers.
Note: Because you sign disclosure(s) for employment you can’t illegally show your work. You can give a resume job description and a manager’s contact number. An e-portfolio is your work or contributions. Be sure to get premission from a nonprofit to disclose or show your work.
Buster’s Vision supports our volunteers. We want our volunteers to be successful professionals in the workforce. We encourage our volunteers to show their work.
Examples for volunteer animal advocate e-portfolios:
  • Social Media Admin,
  • Web Design or Developer,
  • Web Content Writer,
  • Blogger,
  • Google Specialist:
    • Search Engine Tools,
    • Analytics,
    • Tag Manager,
    • AdWords,
    • SEO or
  • Yoast SEO,
  • Photographer,
  • Graphic Artist,
  • Videographer,
  • Game Developer,
  • App Developer

There are so many contributions professionals can offer nonprofit 501c3 Orgs.

Significantly, volunteer e-portfolios are hot marketing employment tools. Also compelling, volunteer e-portfolios are rapidly anchoring in today’s competing  job market place. Essentially, if you don’t have a volunteer e-portfolio; someone else does. Don’t get left out in the rain.

Explicitly, the animal rescue volunteer benefits exponentially. Why? For one thing, they develop many professional skills. Expressly, they develop communication, customer service,  technical, along with many other skills. Not to mention, help save animals in a HUGE way. In conclusion, it’s a Win-Win Opportunity!

A Buster’s Vision Animal Advocate Volunteer Story

A Buster’s Vision animal advocate volunteer applied for a job as a social media specialist. The job paid a $100K with bonuses. The animal advocate was self taught. The animal advocate volunteer gave Buster’s Vision as a reference. Also, they included a resume job description. In short, I told them to take a smart device to the interview. Show them your online volunteer animal advocate e-portfolio for Buster’s Vision.
The hiring manager contacted me. For the most part, we discussed the volunteer’s passion and amazing skills. Afterwards, he shared his love for animals. It was a pretty cool experience. In summary, the volunteer got the job. We have more animal rescue volunteer success stories. 

Why Hiring Managers Love Volunteerism

It shows your passion. Moreover, you work for free. It also proves you’re a hard worker with discipled character. Furthermore, you support a strong worthy cause. Overall, these are HUGE assets for your amazing resume.

“LinkedIn” is your career corner. A LinkedIn account is essential, or you could loose competitive job opportunities. By and large, employers are flocking to LinkedIn. Favorably, they are seeking professionals or job seekers.

If you are interested in volunteering as an animal rescue volunteer for Buster’s Vision, please email