Buster’s Vision Encourages You To Reinvent Yourself as an Animal Advocate Volunteer!

There are amazing open door opportunities to explore as an animal advocate volunteer and develop your resume and e-portfolio as a professional volunteer. Buster’s Vision encourages teenagers to volunteer too and start your resume fresh

What is the definition of an E-Portfolio?

An e-portfolio relating to, denoting, or engaged in an employment pattern that involves a succession of contract, part-time, long-time, or volunteer work that can be proven electronically or via the Internet.
What is the difference between a Resume with your Employment History and a resume with an E-Portfolio added to your employment history?


When you work for a company you usually have to sign a disclosure of confidentiality. Normally you list your work or volunteer employment on your resume with job description, skills, and contact information for manager, etc.

E-Portfolio Employment:

Is employment you can create and validate. For example, when interviewing with a hiring manager, you can bring in your smartphone, smartpad, or laptop and show the hiring manager your work, such as your professional multi-media social networking professional Facebook page and/or other multi-media social network pages. You can show how you network worldwide, create organic growth with successful animal petitions and adoptions, and so much more. What an amazing opportunity to develop your resume, work history, and save animals worldwide ALL at the same time.

Open Door Opportunities
Now that you are a multi-media social network professional animal advocate and volunteering at your local shelter, it’s time to update your resume with your new newfound passion and skills.
Next you need to open a LinkedIn account and launch your awesome resume. LinkedIn is an excellent online hub for networking professionals. This is an excellent resource for your career corner. It’s never too late to open a LinkedIn account and vital for your career path.

Open an account for your favorite multi-media social network and became a professional animal advocate TODAY and help save animals!

See following links or videos for Multi-Media Social Networks:

Facebook: Create a New Account

Twitter: Join Twitter Today.

Pinterest: Welcome to Pinterest

Google+ (One account. All of Google): Sign in to continue to Google+

LinkedIn: Make the most of your professional life (This is a great opportunity for teens to launch their career path into the future.)

Instagram: Don’t have an account? Sign Up

Tumblr: Come for what you love. Stay for what you discover.