Buster’s Vision is a purpose driven grassroots organization start-up out of a garage in the Silicon Valley. We are power driven with professional volunteers in help saving animals worldwide. Nearly 14K animals die daily in kill shelters across the USA because of abandonment.

If you cannot adopt, foster. If you cannot foster, transport. If you cannot transport, volunteer with your local community shelter or rescue. If you cannot volunteer, sign and share animal petitions and adoptions online at Buster’s Vision multi-media social network.

Volunteerism is an excellent opportunity to reinvent your resume and power-up your LinkedIn Account. The most powerful benefit with volunteerism is help saving animals while helping your self. Everyone one can do one small act of kindness for animals.

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A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility, typically on an intensive basis, and in conditions that are regarded as incredibly inhumane.

Sadly many puppies are born into cages and die in cages. Many of these puppies will never know the definition of love. What it feels like to be held in loving arms or run free and chase a ball. Most female dogs have a short life expectancy due to the over-breeding of numerous litters, which can be extremely painful. Many puppy mills and backyard breeders use the offspring of littermates (fathers and brothers) to breed females, which is now showing an ever-increasing amount of genetic defects and diseases carried down from generation to generation. Imagine a barn filled with caged pregnant dogs, stacked four, five high with dried caked poop on them and many with ears partially missing due to hunger. You have no idea what is going on behind that computer screen with cute puppies for sale. You may be buying a puppy while promoting a puppy mill and/or backyard breeder. These people are opportunists’ businessmen and women that seek money, while using puppies for capital gain.There needs to be an URGENT BOYCOTT and laws against puppy mills, backyard breeders, and pet stores. Please ADOPT! Don’t Shop! Be a part of the solution. Not the problem.

To find out more about puppy mills, check out Alejandrea Gonzalzes’ (BVN, Inc. MMSN. Specialist & content writer) article “End animal abuse & Stomp out puppy Mills!


Please cross-post and share “Puppy Mill Stomp!” YouTube videos with bloggers, newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. My granddaughter (Boo, age 10) wants to be on Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Show! She’s just a little girl. One Voice Can Make A HUGE Difference! Thank you for your support!


Puppy Mill Stump adopt

It’s time to speak up for the animals who have no voice! – Brooklyn (Boo) Mincin (Devoted animal advocate at age 6.)