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OMG! Bugs, Worms & Parasites!

By Bobbi Evenson, Founder for Buster’s Vision & Proud to be an Animal Advocate

February 1, 2018

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My Poor Dog Suffered Unnecessarily Because of Contaminated Pet Food

Mysterious gross open sores appeared on the belly of my dog. My vet gave me different pet medications with no solution in sight. The sores continued to worsen and ooze with pus. It was horrible. The vet and pet medication only continued to escalate. I filed complaints regarding the contaminated pet food. Always check pet food recalls.

Contaminated Pet Food Story

It was a beautiful sunny day. I was dishing up Kepler and Galileo’s food. Their food bowls were on the countertop with the sunshine streaming in through the window. Because Kepler has allergies to pet and people food, I was feeding him Science Diet. As I put the food into the bowls, I saw out of the corner of my eye, something move in Kepler’s bowl. Immediately, I grabbed a tray and laid two sheets of white paper upon it.

Nervously, I poured Kepler’s food on the tray with the white paper.  I could see tiny worms moving and what appeared to be larva. I checked Galileo’s food, which was fine. (FYI, Galileo also developed allergies later in life. My dogs are purebred Labradors. Many pets are prone to allergies and tumors. Do a Google search for your pet.) I put Kepler’s food into a bag and rushed to my vet. What a relief. I finally found the culprit to Kepler’s open sores.

I contacted Science Diet and told them about the contaminated dog food. They told me it was probably something that developed in the food while in transit or at a warehouse.

If the dog food was contaminated in transit and/or while stored in a warehouse. That means ANY pet food is vulnerable to contamination. Pet foods can be under-processed (cooked improperly) or exposed to bacteria due to improper sanitation. Many pet foods have horrible ingredients, by-products, and poor nutrition. Worse yet, many pet foods come from rendering factories.

You can buy the best pet food in the world and it still can be vulnerable to contamination. We live in an imperfect world. Be mindful and always check your pet’s food every time you feed them to keep them healthy and happy.

The good news! Kepler’s sores disappeared immediately. Naturally, I threw out the contaminated pet food.  The sores never returned.

Something to Think About

What people neglect to consider, dogs and cats would be born in the wild if not domesticated by humans. Note, if wild dogs and cats live in a wild natural healthy environment, they would have a very different diet as predators on the food chain in the wild. Many humans, with a very busy schedule and budget, end up providing their lovable domesticated fur-buddies processed foods from cans or bags. Please buy high-quality reputable pet food ensured with vitamin content. Always read the label. Don’t skimp on cost. Bad pet food will give your pet the runs or make them constipated and sick. Many pet foods cause cancer. Pets can’t talk. Your fur-baby deserves a healthy nutritious diet.

Simple Measures To Protect Your Pet From Contaminated Pet Food:

Use Common Sense!

  • Always use a clean bowl of food and water. (Would you eat out of a dirty bowl or give your child a drink of water out of a dirty glass?)
  • Give your dog fresh water daily to keep them hydrated. Guaranteed they are more likely to drink oodles of water if its fresh. (Would you drink a stale glass of water days old?)
  • Check your pet’s food every time you feed them for bugs, worms, larva, or parasites. (These things can be tiny. Barely visible to the eye and take time to develop. You may not discover them right away. Do not neglect to check your pet’s food. It could cost you your fur-baby’s life.)
  • I cannot express the importance to buy high-quality pet food ensured with vitamin content. (I truly believe this will help keep your pet healthy and extend their life expectancy. Check out this excellent article, A Dog-Eat-Dog World. Does your pet’s food contain dead pets?)
  • Research the Internet on pet food and alternative diets for pets, such as organic raw foods.
  • Research and make it a habit to check “Pet Food Recalls” daily and/or before you buy your next bag of pet food.

Be a good citizen and always report contaminated pet foods in hopes the business will be responsible and do a recall. The value of a pet is priceless and definitely greater than a business’ quarterly report.



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