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Buster’s Vision Nonprofit is a small organization out of a garage in the Silicon Valley. To launch Buster’s Vision. I had to walk away from my professional career. It is simply impossible to be in two places at the same time. I can’t be dashing in the hallways of airports or conducting meetings while saving animals.  I have been using my savings and 401k for Buster’s Vision’s on-going expenses for development and marketing.  Because I am running out of money after seven long years. I rented out my bedrooms, to strangers, to help keep Buster’s Vision operating.

Competing with ACCs and Coorporate Animal Rescues

It is impossible for small nonprofits to compete with animal control centers (ACC) and corporate rescues. Annually they make millions of dollars in the double and triple digets. The ACCs and corporate rescues are secured, well in advance, with government funding (financed by taxpayers) for grants. They also receive large corporate, philanthropist, and individual donations. They also get freebies or large discounts with airlines, social media marketing, and much more. Whereas small nonprofit have to pay for these expenses. Sadly, animal advocates and crossposters online are seeing more and more corruptions with ACCs and corporate rescues. Many of us feel ACCs and corporate rescues are failing and letting the animals down. Why else do we have an overpopulated animal society with high kill shelters? If we correct the problems with animal abuse and abandonment. There is no reason to finance kill shelters and corporate rescues.

Donations Needed

Frequently, a consultant or business will ask me, “What is your budget?” A nonprofit has the same expenses as a business. We desperately need help. Even the smallest tax deductable donation can make a difference in our mission to help save animals. Buster’s Vision gives away a free book with a donation. See our Shop page.

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GoFundMe “Puppy Mill Stomp!” Hip Hop Music & Dance Campaign

Please donate and share our GoFundMe campaign. Receive a free illustrated book, ebook, t-shirt, and more for donations.

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Everytime you shop at Amazon. “Buster’s Vision Nonprofit” gets a small percentage of your purchase with AmazonSmile. You do not pay anything extra. We do not get any information about you. You can even contact AmazonSmile to get help setting up your account for “Buster’s Vision Nonprofit” AmazonSmile. You can use your smartphone to shop at Amazon and help save animals in a big way.

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You can support Buster’s Vision when you purchase a t-shirt, baseball cap, mug, coloring book, illustrated books, or ebooks. 100% of all proceeds go to Buster’s Vision mission to help save animals. Click on link “Shop” to view merchandise.