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Dangers of People Food and Pets

By Bobbi Evenson, Founder for Buster’s Vision & Proud to be an Animal Advocate

bad neighbor avocado pit

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Mysterious Avocado Pit & Bad Neighbors

It was a beautiful summer day. I opened my patio doors to let my fur-baby catch some rays. Out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw Galileo, my companion dog, chewing on something. I immediately ran to her and quickly saw the remains of an avocado pit. She nearly devoured the whole thing! UGH! Bad Neighbors?!!

Alarmed, I feverously made a mad dash to my vet, as the avocado pit is toxic to dogs! Dogs can die if they ingest an avocado pit. Thank goodness, Galileo was okay. Unfortunately, though, I was hit with an astronomical vet bill, which included x-rays.

Sadly, I have a bad neighbor that hate dogs. They moved into my small condo development over a year ago. They made it very clear how much they hate dogs and that large dogs should not live in the condo development. (Galileo is a medium size Labrador.) They have harassed my dog and me on several occasions. Frustrated, I can’t help but think they inconspicuously hid an avocado in my small patio to harm or worse yet, kill my dog.

I know everyone in my small condo development as I purchased my home new. Years ago, I joined the Neighborhood Watch Program and also volunteer as a SNAP (Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) in my local community. Children come to my home to visit Galileo and get cookies. I have never encountered a problem before with the neighbors until the new couple arrived. There are no avocado trees in the vicinity and I can’t imagine after 12 years residency an avocado mysteriously appearing on my patio.

Galileo is also a working and a certified service dog for “Buster’s Vision Animal Education!” Community Presentations and Booths. She is well trained and very gentle with people; especially children and babies.

It would be so paw-some if the world could squash bad neighbor or an animal hater.
Problem Solved with Bad Neighbor

Because of my fear for my dog’s life, I contacted the police and filed a report. I also emailed my condo development HOA (Home Owner Association) alerting them to the horrible incident.

Unshakeable, I confronted the new neighbors and showed them the police report as well as my email to the HOA. I also told them I had a security camera installed for safety reasons, and if another incident occurs, I will see them in court. Thankfully, they have stopped bothering my dog and me.

There are many wonderful animal lovers around the world. Sadly, there are also sick people who will do anything to hurt or even kill innocent animals. See the enclosed story, Hazardous Treats Found at Dog Parks.

bad neighbors avocado pit
Be Mindful At All Times of Your Environment

As humans, we are so preoccupied with constant thought in our minds. We lose focus in the here and now. This is how accidents happen. Take action to protect your fur-baby from dangerous elements in your home or community.
The most important thing you can do is “Pay Attention” to your family and pets.

Action Items to Protect Your Pet.
  • Pay attention when walking your dog; especially when chatting on a cellphone or using headsets.
    1.) They can eat something toxic on the ground or in the bushes. 2.)Drink toxic water from a puddle or curbside of the street.
  • Always be cautious and do a thorough check of ALL areas you take your pets. For example park, family or friends. My dog is allergic to everything. I have to alert my family and friends NOT to feed my pet and/or drop food on the floor. My dog has a custom collar and collar tag for 1.)Do Not Feed, and 2.)Do Not Pet.
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times. If not on a leash, supervise if you think the environment is dangerous. A backyard, park or campground can have dangerous toxins lurking. Your pet may be at risk every time you allow it to roam free.
  • Open medicine containers in a small enclosed area with the door shut. No pets allowed. If there is an accident and pills spill everywhere. The bathroom is easy to sweep and vacuum. Medication may be deadly to animals.
  • Check your pet’s food at every meal for bugs, worms or parasites. Don’t feed your pet spoiled or rancid food.
  • Wash your pet’s food and water bowl at every feeding.
  • Consult your vet about your pet’s diet. Research the web before giving your pet a food or treat. Many pets develop food allergies
  • Educate yourself about the dangers of people foods and pets.
Be a responsible citizen and report any strange incidents to the proper authorities. You could save a pet's life.

If your pet has been exposed to harmful foods and/or chemicals, seek veterinary care immediately.

I wrote an illustrated book (also in eBook form) called, “My Doggy Eats My Greens!” This illustrated book is a fun way to educate people and children worldwide about the dangers of people food and their pets.

dangers of people food and pet