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About Us

Buster’s Vision was founded in 2011 by Bobbi Evenson.

Ultimately, Bobbi’s dream, like many advocates, is to see a “No Kill” worldwide community. Sadly, the Animal Control Centers (ACC) coined as “kill shelters” have existed since the late 1800s. By and large, they are entrenched in American culture. In essence, the ACCs are controlled by government and strong regulators. To emphasize, kill shelter funding is financed through tax payers, government grants, and donations.  To clarify, it is the “No Kill” rescues that save the animals from kill shelters. Surprisingly, with little to no funding. Buster’s Vision absolutely opposes animal abuse and abandonment.

Who Are We

Buster’s Vision is an “Animal Education” grassroots movement. Unlike the corporate rescues, we operate out of a garage to minimize costs. Buster’s Vision is located in the Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay).

In brief, Bobbi Evenson is a retired professional from the Silicon Valley legal community. Overall, she worked at several large corporations, throughout her career, in the San Francisco Bay. Bobbi is also a grandmother of two grandchildren. She is equally blessed with family of staunch animal advocates. Bobbi is now a content writer, SEO specialist, and author. She wrote “Doggy Hair!” and “My Doggy Eats My Greens!” She is also the creator of “Boo & Buster’s Big Fun Book! It is a fun animal education coloring and activity Book!”

Jesse Mincin, son-in-law, is a hip hop artist, artist, and graphic artist. He created the illustrations for “Doggy Hair!” Book. Jesse also did the beats, music, and recording for “Puppy Mill Stomp!” Song . He also created a passionate family video for “Puppy Mill Stomp!” Brooklyn (10 year old granddaughter) sings with her daddy, Jesse Mincin, in “Puppy Mill Stomp!” Song. She also narrates “Doggy Hair!” Ebook. 

Bobbi’s greatest fulfillment is networking and bringing together professional animal advocates to help save animals worldwide.  They are from all walks of life. They help create Buster’s Vision’s extensive “Animal Education” program. 

Buster’s Vision is a purpose-driven organization. Our dream is to abolish puppy mills, backyard breeders, and hobby breeders. We are also work hard on reducing the animal population. Our team of volunteer social media professionals network 24/7 animal petitions and adoptions.

Buster’s Vision Strong Animal Education Program:
  • Buster’s Vision Animal Education Community Booths & Presentations
    • Libraries, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Farmers Markets, Festivals, and Concerts
Buster’s Vision Mission Statement:
Professional Volunteers Working Together In Help Saving Animals Worldwide