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Broken Hip!

By Bobbi Evenson, Founder for Buster’s Vision & Proud to be an Animal Advocate

December 22, 2017

Dog Causes Broken Hip

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Dog Walk Goes Really Bad!

It was a lovely day for walking my dog in the neighborhood. Suddenly, a loud racing car spooked Galileo (my fur-baby). She bolted diagonally in front of me. My hand was caught in the hand loop of the leash. I was jettisoned about three feet in the air and crashed down onto decorative bricks edging along a sidewalk. I heard the break and knew I was in trouble. OUCH! An anxious neighbor rushed out of their home to help. They drove my fur-baby and me home. My roommate took me to ER. The diagnosis was a broken hip. I had three pins inserted and the rest is history.

Unexpected Pet Reaction

Any pet, no matter how well trained, can react unexpectedly, in an unusual situation, just like humans. You need to be mindful at all times of your pet’s behavior to avoid accidents. Now that I have a broken hip and a mature grandmother, I must exercise. Exercise is critical to sustaining healthy bones for my fur-baby and me. It is a lifestyle everyone should maintain for good health. I now use a retractable dog leash to prevent future accidents.

Avoid Accidents with Pets

When researching for a pet, seek the perfect fit for you or your family. If you don't match with the dog's caliber, neither of you will be happy. You would not partner with a spouse that does not meet your needs, right?

When I got my dog I was younger and stronger. Inherently, I didn't think about the future and obstacles with having a strong vigorous, 11-year-old, dog. Because I am a small woman and a grandmother I have challenges with my medium sized labrador.

I naturally should have a small dog. Although, my Labrador is the perfect companion dog for walking when disciplined. But still pulls when she is excited. She is so strong. It feels as she could pull my arm out of its socket. I must carry dog nuggets (incentive treat) when walking to keep her disciplined. I must be mindful at all times of her behavior so she doesn't pull to prevent back pain or another accident.

Everyone is different and selecting the perfect dog requires tremendous research, especially if you have a family. Buster's Vision promotes pet rescue adoption. We feel the perfect family pet is a "Rescue Pet!"

Dog playing with Ball Chuck-it

I have limited time as the founder of Buster's Vision. To supplement my dog's exercise, I use a ChuckIt. I jump my fur-baby in my garage or outside using the ChuckIt. She can jump as high as seven feet. She loves to play chase with the ball. It's loads of fun. Every pet MUST have exercise. Some more than others; especially active dogs.
Pets can get depressed and obese like people. Exercise is a MUST for medium to large size dogs. Don't get a pet if you don't have the time or money.

Things to Consider When Finding the Perfect Pet

  • Consider the needs of the entire family. Available funds, available time, age, strength, and maturity is very important. (Be sure to have all family members tested for allergies. The numbers of animals abandoned in shelters due to allergies are vast.)
  • Are you a professional that travels extensively and works long hours? If so, you should not get a pet as they suffer from depression when neglected or left alone for extensive hours.
  • Are you or a family on a tight budget? Children should come first before a pet. The money you spend on a pet could go into a college fund for your children. Every child deserves an education. Aging pets are very expensive. Solutions: Get your pet mojo volunteering at your local community shelter.
  • Is the pet of a special needs person? What is required?

Rule of Thumb

  • Small pets are best for:
    • Children
    • Mature Adults
    • People with a busy schedule that can't exercise a medium or large size dog.

If a child, petite or older person is not strong enough to manage a strong assertive dog, an accident is waiting to happen like my broken hip.

  • Medium and large size dogs are best for people that are active and have the devoted time to exercise their dog daily.

Rescue pets make the perfect rescue dog or cat. They know what its like to be abandon and will always love you beyond the heavens.

Do your research before getting a pet. "Pets are for life." Many are thrown away like trash because of the selfish nature of humans making the wrong decision. As stated earlier, Buster's Vision encourages you to adopt a rescue dog or cat.


So heart breaking. Hoidays are the worst. Adopt! Don't shop!


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