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10 FREE Things You Can Do For An Animal Rescue

By by Dennis Lubrano, “No Excuses! No Kill!”
Editor, Meet Gulati

May 2, 2017

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The Internet is an informational resource on how one can contribute to an animal rescue and help our furry friends. Yet little is done to help save animals. We hear about animal charities, fundraisers, and adoptions to help save fur-babies. It is nearly impossible for small animal organizations to compete with large powerful conglomerate corporate animal rescues. Small animal nonprofits simply do not have the time, resources, technical skills, and funds for marketing their voice for animals in need.


This article is not to make you feel guilty. But to guide you on the path as an animal advocate and volunteer. It costs you nothing to help save animals.

Here are not one, but ten FREE things you can do to help save animals!
  1. To begin with, you can VOLUNTEER directly and remotely. Presently, you can help with pets at your local animal shelters. Furthermore, you can promote animal rescue organizations on the Internet. Another great idea, you can open a chapter in your neighborhood.
  1. Additionally, create Facebook pages or groups to promote animal rescue organizations.
  1. At this instant, you can share relevant posts on Facebook with your smartphone.
  1. Furthermore, you can volunteer to transport rescue animals in your personal vehicle. Or you can foster rescue animals.
  1. Set up a personal account with a diverse social media network. You can network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, etc. Like, comment, and share animal adoption and petition posts. This will help create organic growth and for animal posts to go viral. Cross-post with animal rescue organizations and advocates. You can connect multiple social media platforms to promote animal rescues. What an AWESOME opportunity to meet animal lovers and advocates worldwide for a mighty cause to save animals.
  1. Research and try to find sponsorships, grants, funding, and/or financial support for animal rescue organizations. Look for animal rescues and shelters in your neighborhood or worldwide. Animal abandonment is a global problem.
  1. Educate, inspire, and recruit others to VOLUNTEER in the cause to help save animals.
  1. Attend events such as fundraisers and adoptions to show your support.
  1. Create relevant and educational blogs about rescues and shelters and the importance of volunteering.
  1. Attend local meetings about animal rescue legislation in your community. Keep yourself updated on the subject. The Internet provides International animal rescue legislation too.

Now, of course, this is just 10 fabulous ideas to help animal shelters and rescues.

Hopefully these “10 FREE Things” will inspire you to add more creative ideas to your animal rescue list. Remember “Animal Rescues”, like any other cause needs volunteers, fosters, and transporters. It is up to all of us worldwide to fill this need. Having said that, the very fact that you read this article, gives us hope that you’ve started your journey to support this cause. We encourage you to stay motivated and speak up for animals. Be the guardian they’ve been waiting for, be the voice they always wanted. You may think of yourself as a mere drop, but remember, it’s the drops that make up the ocean. Ultimately, we’ll make sure to keep this ocean thriving with articles and efforts towards a happier, safer world for animals.