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How Your Yard Sale Could Help Save Pets


By Dennis Lubrano, Writer & Ardent Animal Advocate
May 2, 2017

Yard Sale Animal Shelter Pet Food

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Time to de-clutter your home or office?

This is an excellent time to call your local animal shelter! There are so many ways in which you can help them with your yard sale or a neighborhood pet food drive!

  • Donate bowls, blankets, towels or similar household items that the animal shelters could use.
  • Ask the animal shelter or rescue facility if they organize “Garage Sale Fundraisers”. You could donate some or all of your yard sale items to them.
  • Alternatively, you could offer part of your yard sale proceeds as a donation. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  • And finally, volunteer your services. Your experience and selling skills could turn the animal shelter’s garage sale into a HUGE success.
Pet Food Drives:

You could help feed a furry friend by launching a pet food drive in your area. You could ask your local animal shelter if they organize such events and if they use a specific pet food brand. The next step would be to contact pet food manufacturers, distributors and pet supplies stores; and see if they’re willing to donate to or support such a drive. With the right support and backing, you can also help set up a Pet Food Bank, which could be a permanent solution for low-income pet owners or animal shelters in need. A simple Internet search, and you’ll have tons of articles on how to begin, like this one.

Find them a home:

Realtors and those associated with the housing market can play a really special role in finding an animal rescue. If you are someone who helps people find a home, the good news is, you can also help a rescue pet find a new and forever home! You could begin by finding out how much your company is willing to support the cause. The support could be in donations or by simply allowing your office parking space be used for an adoption drive. Collaborating with pet welfare organizations such as Foreclosed Upon Pets, real estate companies can help potential homeowners adopt pets. By the size of the housing market, if this happens, real estate could be a real hero in animal rescue. And the brand recognition that follows will be totally worth it!

So what are you waiting for?

Start working towards whatever form of volunteering suits you best. Explore our website and keep visiting this section for more resources on volunteering. Finally, spread the word by sharing this article. You never know whom you’ll be inspiring to adopt, support or volunteer. But you’ll know you’re doing your bit towards saving another furry friend from pain and loneliness.