Buster Posey Dry Eye Syndrome Sicca

Buster Posey dry eye syndrome sicca

The Story of Buster Posey & Sicca

Born October 17, 2010 San Francisco Giants Win World Series Games

A young boy named his puppy after his favorite ball player, San Francisco Giant’s catcher, Buster Posey. Buster developed Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (DES-Dry Eye Syndrome) at approximately seven weeks of age. I took Buster into the vet. I was instructured to use warm compress on the on the infected eyes.  

Sadly, after Buster was bought by his new family it was discovered he had little to no tear production. The family’s new vet prescribed three different eye drops, three times per day, to prevent his eyes from cracking. Buster eventually went blind. I was the breeder who delivered Buster.

The family that bought Buster for their son, was a very decent and loving family. They returned Buster back to me after six months with accumulated debt. I had no idea about the seriousness of Buster’s eye condition until months after I sold the family Buster. 

This was the family’s first dog. Imagine the heartache they suffered when parting from Buster. I gave the family back their money and paid for nearly all of Buster’s vet bills. I knew, no amount of money would replace the love of Buster.

Blind Ignorance

I still feel guilt and shame for breeding my dogs. If only I knew about the thousands and thousands of innocent animals put to sleep daily in kill shelters due to abandonment. It is alarming to learn about the number of puppy mills, backyard breeders, hobby breeders competing on the market. I would have never bred my dogs with this knowledge. Because of Buster’s handicap, I launched Buster’s Vision Nonprofit, Inc. to bring an awareness into our global communities to help save animals worldwide.

Sadly, Buster passed away on April 6, 2016. Buster was able to live out his life with a wonderful family, the Robnetts. His home was in Sandy, Oregon. He was able to play with his loved ones and fur-buddies on a beautiful homestead a stone throw away from Mt. Hood. I am truly blessed for the Robnetts saving Buster and giving him a loving home. He will be missed.

Buster’s Message To The Public!

Educate yourself prior to buying a pet. A dog is a 13 – 15 year commitment and cats live longer. Learn about pet responsibility and costs.

Kill shelters in USA put-to-sleep (PTS) nearly 14,000 innocent animals daily with the heart stick pin and many are gassed. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Get a solid animal education before you get a pet. Adopting a pet is the same as adopting a child.

Let’s make it our highest priority to adopt. Don’t shop and help save a life.

Thank you for reading my story!