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Deadly Dog Walk in the Neighborhood!

By Bobbi Evenson, Founder for Buster’s Vision & Proud to be an Animal Advocate

April 21, 2017

dog walk

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Have you ever thought about the hidden dangers whilst on a friendly dog walk in the neighborhood?

You need to be on red alert at ALL times while enjoying a jaunting dog walk. You never know what dangers are lurking in the neighborhood. Bad food, bubblegum, or poisons can harm or kill a pet. Family, friends, dog walkers, teenagers, and children must be educated about the subject if they walk your dog.
How to Protect Your Dog From Hidden Dangers in the Neighborhood
  • Don’t let your dog drink water from street puddles. This water is filled with bacteria and possibly anti-freeze, motor oil, gas, or other poisons.
  • Don’t let your dog drink water from puddles in the park. The puddle water is run-off from grass chemical treatment and recycled poisoned water.
  • Don’t let your dog eat food or waste on the sidewalk, street, bushes, or lawn. The food could be old and poisonous.
  • Don’t walk your dog in neighborhoods with poor lawns filled with foxtails. (My precious fur-baby almost died from a foxtail (diaspora) and was never the same after four surgeries, which cost me over $4K.)
  • Don’t let your dog eat bubblegum on the pavement. Bubblegum has an active ingredient call xylitol in it and is very deadly. (Do NOT throw your gum on the ground. A bird’s beak can glue shut from the bubblegum and die.)
  • Don’t walk in areas where there are lots of fruit and nuts on the ground. Nuts and seeds can be very poisonous to dogs.

Seek vet care ASAP if your pet is exposed to old food, chemicals, or poisons. Also, learn about the dangers of people foods and pets. Many people foods are poisonous are deadly to animals. They can cause animal tumors and cancer.

  • Do make the time to walk your dog. There is NO excuse for laziness. (Also, mature dogs can get fatty tumors, like humans, due to lack of exercise. Fatty tumors can become malignant.)
  • Do train your dog to behave and listen on command. This will avoid run-aways, traffic accidents, or pet attacks.
  • Do carry a full water bottle and snack for your dog. Especially on long walks.
  • Do keep your dog on a leash whilst walking. This prevents run-aways, traffic accidents or they could eat or drink something poisonous.
  • Do discipline yourself to pay attention “At All Times” whilst walking your dog. Cellphones or headset can be a distraction while dog walking. (To frequently pets are ignored while on the cellphone. That’s when they get into trouble with bad food or poisons.)
  • Do pick up your dog’s poop.
  • Do canvas neighborhoods with aggressive dogs. Many dogs have been attacked because people simply do not take the time and train their dogs. (Don’t blame the dog. Blame the owner.)
  • Do carry a couple of extra doggy bags and pick up food that is dangerous to dogs. (Especially bubblegum, bones, and chocolate.)
  • Do perform a thorough doggy check-up after every walk to make sure your doggy is safe from ticks, foxtails or poisons. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior after a walk. They could have been exposed to bad food or poisons.
  • Do store your vet and pet ER contact information on your cell phone as a “Favorite” for emergencies. The telephone numbers will be at the top and easy to find if encountered with a crisis.