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Don’t Litter! Spay & Neuter Your Critter!

By Bobbi Evenson, Proud to be an Animal Advocate!
May 2, 2017

Spay and Neuter

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The Importance on Spay and Neuter.

On the whole, fertile animals create a risk with the ever increasing animal population. Even with a pet owner's best intentions, accidents happen all the time. For the most part, it is impossible to control a female in heat and the male aggressor's needs. Indeed animals have an excellent sense of smell. With this in mind, a male animal can sense an intact female in heat up to 3 miles away. To emphasize this fact, if not supervised at all times, a relentless un-neutered animal will pursue a female in heat until their needs are satisfied. Spay and Neuter Your Pets!

Why Spay and Neuter Pets?

  • Reduce the Animal Population
  • Diminish Kill Shelters
  • Irradicate Pet Euthanization
  • Reduce The Homeless Pet Epidemic

Spay and Neuter Pet Medical Benefits

  • Provides pets a healthier, happier, and extended life expectancy.
  • Spaying female pets prevent uterine infections and breast tumors. Malignant or cancerous tumors is approximate 50% dogs and 90% cats.
  • Neutering male pets prevent testicular and some prostate cancers.

Spay and Neuter Pet Behavioral Benefits

  • A female pet will not go into heat. No menstrual cycle, diapers, pads, stains or mess. FYI, female felines heat cycles are approximately four to five days every three weeks. Expect an increase in yowling and urination during the breeding season. Good luck with that diaper. It is nearly impossible to keep a diaper on a female as it is unnatural for them.
  • A male pet will not stray in need of sexual companion in heat. A loose pet is at high risk of huge dangers. Dangers included traffic, fights, injury, theft, and abuse. Protect your pets at all times.
  • Male pets will not mount other animals and/or people if neutered young and trained.
  • Pets are less likely to be aggressive when spayed or neutered as a pup and raised in a loving home with no abuse. Abused animals can develop aggressive behavior whether they are spayed or neutered. Always give a pet unconditional love as you would a child or person.
  • In the long run, you will find it very cost effective for spayed or neutered pets. Imagine the costs to raise a litter of pups or kittens. You need to feed, potty train and find homes for the fur-babies. A responsible pet owner should have mandated licenses and shots for newly born fur-babies.

Squash Spay and Neuter Pet Legends and Fallacy

  • Spay and neutering will not cause gross fat or obesity. Pets must have a regulated nutritious diet and daily exercise to prevent fatty tissue, tumors or obesity.

Inexpensive Spay and Neuter Pet Clinics

  • Contact SPCA, ASPCA, HSUS, or PETA for inexpensive surgery for spaying and neutering pets.
  • The Internet provides ample low-cost spay and neuter resources. There are absolutely NO excuses not to have a spayed or neutered pet.
  • Most animal shelters and rescues spay and neuter their pets. Adopt Today! Save A Pet!

Spay and Neuter Pet Surgery

  • Always follow the Spay and Neuter Pre-Surgery and Post- Operative directions of a veterinarian or clinic to avoid complications or infections. This includes medication. It is your responsibility to keep your pet healthy and safe.

When to Spay and Neuter a Pet

  • Puppies: Eight Weeks
  • Dog: Six to Nine Months
  • Adult Dogs: Any age as long as they are healthy. There may be a higher risk for adult dogs with post-operative recovery. Obesity and poor health can affect an adult dog with high-risk spay and neuter.

Food for thought. When your pet gives birth to a litter, do not give babies to strangers. You put a pet at high risk for possible dangers. There are predators that abuse animals. Be a part of the solution. Not the problem. Spay and neuter your pets.