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Kill vs No Kill Shelters

L.E.A.P. (Language, Emotion, Action & Power)

By Anne Marie Powless, Sologan:
Editor Meet Gulati, Slogan: “A Human Voice for Woofs & Meows!”

May 3, 2017

Kill VS No Kill

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Why No-Kill Shelters

For many people, the idea of no-kill shelters makes perfect sense. Above all, the word “shelter” implies refuge. Moreover, a safe place to stay with life’s necessities: food, water, and loving care. Nonetheless, many healthy innocent animals die daily through a process called pet euthanasia. In short, the lethal injection is called the heart-stick pin. Important to realize, shelters are completely overwhelmed with an alarming number of abandon animals. At the present time, many shelters simply do not have the room to house all the animals.

Most will agree, it is immoral to kill healthy innocent animals because of lack of room, sickness, or injury. Especially when given the opportunity to save innocent animals. Also, when an animal suffers and there is no recourse to end the suffering. Generally speaking, it is only appropriate to euthanize an animal to end their suffering. For example, a terminal illness with no hope of recovery.

Regardless, many kill shelters argue, understandably so, that “no-kill shelters” only prolong the misery of many animals. It is said, they also increase an already overpopulated animal society. While, many animals live in cages for days, weeks, or several months. In fact, many animals live in no-kill shelters for years if need be. All in all, many feel this is a temporary band-aid. Conversely, it does not solve animal abandonment and neither helps reduce the animal population.

Poor Living Conditions

Albeit, the dire situation is horrific for abandon animals. Notwithstanding, it is immoral to make a terrified abandon animal sit on a cold cement slab. In reality, many animals get little to no exercise. At the same time, they get very little attention or love. In any event, there is continuous barking 24/7. In fact, many times the animals sit in isolated filthy cages or kennels. They are frequently scattered with puke, urine, and feces. Many shelters have no bedding or provide shelter in appalling weather conditions. Meanwhile, there are cases where animals will literally eat each other due to extreme hunger. Sadly, many dogs are chained to a pole in the snow or dead of heat. Indisputably, the situation is truly cruel and unlawful. On a positive note, we can work together and rid of kill shelters.

Language, Emotion, Action & Power (LEAP)

The first issue we need to consider is LANGUAGE. Especially, when you use the words kill and no kill. As you well know, this can stir-up very strong EMOTIONS with many people. Certainly, this negativity serves no purpose. Instead, let’s consider the dire situation for animals.

What can we do? Constructively, we need to set aside our feelings or emotions. Let’s think about the urgency for saving abandon animals. Obviously, we need to change our negative thoughts. We definitely need to be positive and proactive in ending animal abuse and abandonment. Ultimately, the animals should come first. We certainly need to be working on real solutions, not temporary, for ending kill shelters.

Believe it or not, kill shelters need our help just as much as the no-kill shelters.  We can empower ourselves with “ACTION”. Adopt, volunteer, foster, or transport. Donate money or animal supplies to shelters or rescues in need. Your “ACTIONS” can save animals and help illuminate kill shelters. Be a doer and get involved with your community shelter or rescue today!

A Broken System

No doubt, you can find numerous scandals online with misconduct and animal abuse. The problem is incredibly vast. It includes corporations, nonprofits, puppy mills, backyard breeders, and everyday people. On the whole, misconduct includes:

  • Bogus rescues,
  • fake petition sites stealing peoples information and possibly identity theft,
  • fake blogs stealing peoples information and possibly identity theft,
  • bogus crowdfunders,
  • fraudulent businesses, organization or nonprofit.

Bogus rescues or fake organizations have NO standards of business conduct, ethics or moral code.

Real Solutions for an Over-Populated Animal Society & Animal Abuse
  • Mandate spay and neuter laws.
  • Mandate laws for animal nonprofits, shelters, and rescues to reduce corruption. (Tax ID, Licenses, On-going Training & Regular Audits.)
  • Animal Education Programs in Schools and Community Centers.
  • Laws for Pet Breeders. Set a quota for the number of pet breeders within a given community or city. (Tax ID, Licenses, Skill Testing & Training, Animal Testing & Audits. This will help ensure a healthy animal population with limited purebred defects and diseases. It is a fact purebred animals are prone to defects and diseases. Interbreeding causes birth defects, diseases, and infections. Interbreeding is a common practice used by puppy mill factories and backyard breeders.)
  • Enforce laws for animal abusers.
  • Mandate Animal Sex Offender Registry.
  • Enforce laws against animal testing for food, consumer goods, etc.
“Puppy Mill Stomp!” Hip Hop Music & Dance Campaign

Buster’s Vision is working very hard across the globe. Day and night, we are trying to employ a number of strategies using our IP to help educate the masses with a strong animal education program. People of all ages must learn pet responsibility. Animal laws require enactment, regulation, and enforcement. We can only hope our new campaign, “Puppy Mill Stomp!” Hip Hop Music & Dance videos will irradiate kill shelters and backyard breeders. Also, help reduce animal abuse, abandonment and the animal population. Please share if you know of anybody that welds powers in marketing or is an animal philanthropist. Please take the time and reach out to local radio and news stations.

Buster’s Vision has no funding. It is impossible to compete with large corporate animal nonprofits earning millions annually in the double and triple digits. We desperately need your help with our animal education program. Buster’s Vision donates free books to low-income children at Buster’s Vision Animal Education Community Presentations. We also donate books and ebooks to no-kill shelters and rescues for their animal fundraisers. Thank you!