Buster’s Vision Registry for Shelters, Rescues,
Fosters & Transporters

Buster’s Vision Registry is a free multi-media social network website to bring people together in hopes to help save abandoned animals in shelters and rescues.

How Buster’s Vision Registry Works

Buster’s Vision Registry has a map to show the locations for shelters, rescues, fosters, and transporters identified by their group icon. Groups icons are “Red Dog for Shelter”, “Orange Dog House for Foster”, and “Green Car for Transporter.” If a rescue needs a foster in San Francisco, CA, they look on the map for an “Orange Dog House” or foster in San Francisco. They click on the “Orange Dog House” to see foster’s profile to message or make contact with the foster. We keep your location confidential. Only you can release your location or contact information to the person you are networking with to help save an animal. You can also make friends at the website.

Buster’s Vision can register and set-up your map group icon hassle free. Please contact us if you need any assistance at all with registering, bustersvision@gmail.com and/or 408-628-8999.

Benefits For Becoming a Foster or Transporter

If you cannot afford and/or do not have the time to care for an adopted pet, here is an amazing opportunity for you and/or your family to help save a pet and give back to your community. Your children can also learn about pet responsibility and develop caring, loving relationships with pets in need. Isn’t it better to see an abandon pet in a temporary home filled with love, rather than sitting by itself in a lonely shelter or rescue?

Buster’s Vision desperately needs fosters and transporters to register to help kick-start our new site. We have no funding for marketing our websites or campaign. We depend upon word or mouth and networking.

Please register as a foster or transporter at:

http://bustersvisionregistry.org and help save an animal today. Support your local shelter or rescue. Please share, share, share! One Voice can make a HUGE difference5

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