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Thank You Woody Harrelson! Animal Rights Activist

Buster’s Vision is honored to kick off our first petition with a letter to Woody Harrelson for his HUGE contributions as a devoted activist fighting for animal and humanitarian rights.

Woody Harrelson a two time acclaimed Academy Award nominated actor. He was nominated the Oscar in the Messenger. He played the successful role of an Army captain. He later learned of the cruel inhumane testing of forced overdoses of chemical poisoning to lab monkeys to help develop warfare. Woody confronted the Army to end the cruel inhumane testing on monkeys. He victoriously stopped the toxic poisoning and now the Army has replaced warfare testing with non-animal testing.

Woody Harrelson also teamed up with ‘The Humane Society of the United States’ in 2013 to call for a Fur-Free industry. Foxes, raccoon dogs, bobcats, and even domestic dogs and cats are among the millions of innocent animals killed globally every year by the fur trade. The celebrity humanitarian starred as the narrator for an excellent thought provoking video, which takes a look at the barbaric cruelty of the fur industry via the experiences of one unfortunate stuffed animal. As Woody puts it, “Make Fashion Your Compassion!”

Woody has supported and donated to numerous foundations, ranging from the Environment, Economics, Conservation, Animal Welfare, Human Rights, AIDS & HIV, Disaster Relief, Peace and more.

It’s not always easy being an activist. There are many people that bully and victimize those that speak out for those that have no voice. We felt that Woody should be recognized for standing up and being a voice for God’s beautiful creatures as a celebrity.

Please sign and share ‘Thank You Woody Harrelson!’ letter at https://bustersvisionpetition.org. We would love to hear your heart felt comments. Thank you!