Buster’s Vision Crowdfunder for Animal Rescues,
Fosters, Transporters, & Sick Animals

Buster’s Vision Animal Crowdfunder is our new website project. Our crowdfunder is for rescues, sanctuaries, fosters, transporters, and sick animals.

What is Online Crowdfunding?
Online Crowdfunding is asking a crowd of people to donate money for a specific cause, organization, or purpose, in exchange for a reward or accomplishment. Here is an example: John Doe donates money to an animal rescue in exchange the animals are cared for properly while the animal rescue finds good homes for the abandoned animals.

We encourage people to donate to fosters and transporters as well as no kill rescues. Fosters and transporters sacrifice their time, homes, money, cars, and gas as animal rescuers. It is the fosters and transporters that support shelters and rescues and it costs money to house, feed, and transport abandoned animals.

Buster’s Vision Crowdfunder Rules:

  • Contact information must be readily available to the donor so they can validate if you are a legitimate fundraiser.
  • If you are a foster or transporter, you must list the contact information for the shelter or rescue you network with to help save animals.
  • If you a a person crowdfunding for your sick animal. You must list the veterinary contact number in care of your sick animal or a valid receipt for the bill (not an estimate). Many veterinaries will accept the donations (money) for the animal in need of care.
  • You MUST have high standards of business conduct, ethics and morals. Buster’s Vision will not tolerate bogus rescues and/or scams.
  • Buster’s Vision will report bogus rescues and/or scammers that abuse our Crowdfunder to the proper authorities.
  • If necessary, a petition will be created to investigate your crimes.

Donors, we encourage you to donate to rescues, fosters, transporters, and sick animals.
There is little to NO funding for ethical, hard working no kill rescues, fosters, and transporters. Your donation help save lives.

We will keep you posted when we launch Buster’s Vision Crowdfunder Site.

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