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About Buster’s Vision Nonprofit

Buster’s Vision is a grass-roots movement located in the Silicon Valley. Our goal is to see animal shelters go no kill and reduce the animal population. Buster’s Vision is working very hard with our animal education program; which is made-up of four websites, a diverse multi-media social network, illustrated books, Ebooks, and Hip Hop Song.

Each of Buster’s Vision’s websites serves as a purpose in our mission to help save animal worldwide and educate the masses regarding animal abuse and abandonment. You will find a description about each site under “OUR SITES” with link enclosed to the site.

Buster’s Vision Books & Hip Hop Song

“Doggy Hair!” book/ebook is a silly animated story about a little girl, her doggy, hair monsters and hairballs. I was inspired to write “Doggy Hair!” because a woman told me she gave her fur-baby to a shelter because she hated the dog hair in her home and car. I tried to save the poor doggy. I found out poor dog was put-to-sleep because he was fearful. “Doggy Hair!” Illustration created by Jesse Mincin. Ebook created by Beena Parikh.

“My Doggy Eats My Greens!” A veterinarian told me a story how he had to put a dog down because the children feed their dog grapes. The poor dog was bleeding internally and it was too late to save the dog. I hope this book will save animal lives. People and children must be educated about the dangers of people food and pets.

“Boo & Buster’s Big Fun Book!” Animal Education Coloring & Activity Book!” is a book for all ages. It’s educational and spontaneously fun. We hope the book will reduce the animal population and wipe out kill shelters.

“Stomp Out Puppy Mills!” Hip Hop Song was written by Matt Ashmore. The beats and music were created by Jesse Mincin. Jesse Minsin (son-in-law). He sings with Boo Mincin (My eight year old granddaughter and animal advocate). We hope the Hip Hop Song will educate people about the inhumanity and cruelty of puppy mills and backyard breeders.


100% of all purchases go to Buster’s Vision Nonprofit. We have no funding to market our campaign. We depend upon word of mouth and networking. Please join our cause and share our mission.

Buster’s Vision Mission Statement:
A World Without Abused & Abandoned Animals!

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